Bainbridge History Museum launches new logo and website

Under the banner of “one island, many stories,” Bainbridge History Museum is making some history of its own with a new logo and website. The organization is making the refresh so that it is inviting to islanders and tourists alike.

“We want to remain a forward-looking, backward-preserving organization for this wonderful place,” said Amber Buell, Executive Director. “We owe it to the compelling history of our island to be an engaging voice in telling our many-faceted stories.”

Starting with the identity, the Museum wanted a freshness that fit the organization with a logo that was easy to read. The design also needed to work well across digital media where visual space is always a premium. To facilitate these goals, the organization went from the 36-letter “Bainbridge Island Historical Museum” to the more compact “Bainbridge History Museum,” aligning with their URL,

The logo’s icon represents the historic schoolhouse, a central feature of the Bainbridge History Museum campus. As a design element, the bell-tower arrow also creates a sense of forward direction. The combined result of the icon and wordmark is a logo that’s clear, visible and easy to recognize.

In addition to the logo change, the Museum also updated its website to keep it well-designed and functional on any device while being easy-to-use for the Museum’s staff.

“We’re a living, breathing museum and, as such, we’re a consistent part of the conversation on this island,” said Buell. “It was important to make our web-work easy on the Museum’s staff and volunteers—and our new platform allows that.” The design and web work was engaged by local resident, Kim Baker, along with partners Jonathan Wiese and Brendan Shanley.

The logo and website changes that welcome visitors and locals to Bainbridge History Museum are a small part of the Museum’s ongoing work. With a mission to collect, preserve and share, Bainbridge History Museum is actively involved in the local community, gathering stories from Bainbridge residents, offering speaker series and virtual programs, and supporting such things as the Pickleball Founders Tournament and the summer cruise around Bainbridge Island.

Check out the new website at

PSE is proud to sponsor the important work of the Bainbridge History Museum.