How can I help bring more renewable energy to the market?

PSE Green Power and Solar Choice are two renewable energy programs available to all PSE electric customers. Both programs give you a way to match your electricity use with clean, renewable energy. PSE administers these programs but cannot profit from them.

Solar Choice

Solar Choice allows customers to match some, or all, of the electricity they use with clean, solar energy. As a participant, panels will not be installed on your home. Instead, solar energy is generated at a separate location and added to the power grid on your behalf. Every $5 you spend buys 150 kilowatt-hours of solar power generated in Washington or Idaho.

In addition to supporting clean solar power, this program reduces your home’s carbon footprint. For the average home, annual electricity emissions could be little less than 12,500 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent. With a $20 per month contribution for Solar Choice (matching about 60 percent of the average home’s usage); annual electricity emissions would be reduced to less than 4,500 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent. As of 2019, there are 139 participants on Bainbridge Island.

Diagram shows an example of how the solar choice program works. A household creating 10,596 pounds of carbon dioxide a month pays a bill of $92.95. With $20 of solar choice, their emissions decrease to 4,238 pounds of carbon dioxide with a bill of $112.95


Green Power

While Solar Choice supports 100 percent solar, Green Power supports a blend of resources. The program is funded by voluntary purchases from our customers, which creates an environment for small, green power producers (e.g., dairy digesters, independent wind farms, etc.) to bring their projects on line.

Your carbon footprint is also reduced supporting Green Power – the average customer can match 100 percent of their electricity usage for $10 per month 1,319 customers on Bainbridge Island were participating in this program in 2019.

Diagram shows an example of Green Power. A household creates 10,596 pounds of carbon dioxide and pays $92.95 per month for electricity. By adding $10 of green power per month, the household reduces their emissions to 0.89 pounds of carbon dioxide and pays $102.95 per month.