What is PSE’s approach to managing storms?

When PSE customers lose power, there is no higher priority for us than getting it safely restored. In a large storm, hundreds of PSE employees and our partners work tirelessly to get the lights back on. We open our local storm bases and emergency operations center, working around the clock to restore power and provide customers with information. We bring in additional crews from Canada, Oregon and Montana to help bolster our response. We also coordinate closely with emergency medical and fire services, government bodies, schools, businesses and the media.

Our strategy is carefully choreographed yet highly flexible, designed to change quickly in response to unanticipated events. This approach is the result of decades of experience, millions of dollars of investment in restoration technology and an employee culture that thrives in emergency situations. Moreover, this is an instance where PSE’s size gives us extra flexibility in tailoring our response to the situation.

A new tool we now can deploy is a warning email letting you know your power is out with an estimated time of restoration. This tool helps you plan if the power goes out while you’re out of the house.