What causes power outages on Bainbridge Island?

Reliable energy for our customers is one of Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE's) top priorities. There are a few challenges unique to Bainbridge Island that increase the likelihood of outages:

Geography: Being an island is one of the biggest challenges to electric reliability because there is no neighboring infrastructure to serve as back-up.  

Weather, trees and geography: Bainbridge Island is situated in a location that is often impacted by high winds and winter storms. High winds and tall trees create a recipe for outages. In fact, trees are the number one cause for outages on Bainbridge Island.

Limited redundancy: The Island is served by three substations, however two of the three substations have only one source of power, with one transmission line. It's best practice to “loop” substations with two transmission lines. When substations are looped, if one line goes out, the other line will still feed the substation and provide power to customers. This configuration is considered to be a best practice for reducing the duration and frequency of outages.