PSE’s EV home charger rebate coming soon

Woman plugging electric charging cable into electric vehicle.

Instant rebates on fast, convenient Level 2 chargers for your home will be available this spring. When PSE Up & Go Electric Home Charging launches, you can save $300 on a Level 2 charger purchased through the PSE Marketplace. Depending on your household income and size, you may qualify for enhanced Empower Mobility incentives, including a … Read more

How a looped transmission system will improve reliability on Bainbridge Island

Illustration of a looped transmission system demonstrating how a secondary transmission line can continue providing power to a substation if the primary transmission line is damaged.

In late January, PSE’s Electric First Response Crew responded to a report of a tree leaning on the Winslow Tap transmission line. To safely remove the tree, crews needed to de-energize the line, which took out power for over 4,000 Bainbridge Island customers for about an hour. We apologize for this inconvenience. The Winslow Tap … Read more

Trimming and removing trees for safe, reliable power on Bainbridge Island

Man trimming tree branches while in a truck bucket in the air.

Did you know, on Bainbridge Island, trees cause most power outages – either when branches touch power lines or trees fall into lines? To maintain safe, reliable power for our customers, we trim or remove trees that present a risk to power lines and other electrical equipment. Check out our new factsheet on the PSE … Read more

PSE and the Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation renewed clean energy contract

Hyrdo-electric powered dam spanning a river.

Earlier this month, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation agreed to extend its power sales agreement with PSE to continue our partnership for the Tribe’s 5.5 percent share of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The power sales agreement for 40MW of carbon-free energy started in September 2018 and now extends through September 2029. The power … Read more