Storm season is here. Make sure you’re prepared!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, winter is the wettest, windiest, and darkest time of the year. It’s also storm season, which means it’s time to prepare for unexpected power outages. PSE works hard to provide safe, reliable service to our customers. However, when it comes to storms, sometimes situations arise that are beyond our control. … Read more

Get to know the Puget Sound Energy Foundation (PSEF)!

Puget Sound Energy Foundation logo

Established in 2006, the Puget Sound Energy Foundation works to keep communities safe, supported, and thriving across PSE’s service territory. The Foundation is a nonprofit entity operating entirely independently of PSE, which means none of its funds come from customers’ rates. Over the past two years, the Foundation has provided grants to assist our communities in dealing … Read more

Puget Sound Energy Foundation (PSEF) 2021 Kitsap County grant recipients!

Cartoon collage of people wearing masks.

The Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Foundation has announced the recipients of nearly $800,000 in competitive grant awards to help our communities heal from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 recipients are comprised of 89 community-based nonprofit organizations that are working to address challenges exacerbated by the pandemic throughout PSE’s service territory. Funds will specifically support programs … Read more

Missing Link Project (Murden Cove – Winslow 115kv) community announcement & Community Sounding Board (CSB) summaries

Map of PSE's selected route for the missing link; transmission line.

After more than a year of technical review and community engagement, PSE selected a route for the Missing Link Project on Bainbridge Island. This is an important step towards improving electric reliability for the two-thirds of the island currently at risk of power outages due to lack of transmission system redundancy. PSE worked diligently to … Read more