2018 Bainbridge renewables plan - working with you to lower the carbon footprint


Puget Sound Energy is committed to helping the island lower its carbon footprint. In 2018, we continue to work with the community on a number of efforts:

  • PSE is continuing to fund the second of two years of a pilot project with the HORSE digester, which is now being hosted by Pleasant Beach Village. The goal of this pilot is to demonstrate the viability of using food waste to make electricity and fertilizer that support the local economy and encourage the continued dialogue about a community-based project that is larger and permanent.
  • PSE is continuing to lead the community digester discussion with the City of Bainbridge and other interested community stakeholders. PSE has now funded two technical memos to explore the use of anaerobic digestion to convert residential, commercial, and agricultural pre- and post- consumer organic waste on the island into locally-generated renewable energy and soil amendment products with zero waste. PSE facilitates the conversation, brings stakeholders together, contributes expertise and provides some funding. However, we will need a local entity to own, operate and move the idea forward.
  • PSE representatives will be canvasing Bainbridge Island neighborhoods during the month of May to educate residents about our Renewables programs – Green Power and Solar Choice. This is a great opportunity for homeowners and renters to meet face to face with knowledgeable staff to learn about program options, have their questions answered and begin participating in the program of their choice.
  • PSE representatives will be canvasing Bainbridge Island businesses during the month of October to educate businesses about our Renewables programs – Green Power and Solar Choice.
  • PSE representatives will table at numerous events on the island throughout the year to share information on our energy efficiency programs as well as our renewables programs.
  • PSE approached the City of Bainbridge Island with the concept of partnering on an Earth Day event to educate islanders about climate change, renewable energy and sustainability. The Climate Change Advisory Committee moved forward to host the event.
  • PSE is offering to make presentations on our renewable energy programs to the Climate Change Advisory Committee, the Bainbridge Island Climate, Energy and Sustainability Forum as well as other organizations.
  • As the details of our Green Direct Program (Phase 2) become available, we will share them with the City of Bainbridge and other appropriately sized customers.